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A lonely bench, in a park so crowded

The autumn leaves, by and by they fall

A flicker in your desolate soul

As you stare down at your shoes

At you a memory stabs


A nagging feeling of disposition

How many years have come and passed

And yet here you are again

Alone by the cupid fountain

Waiting for something to change the world from stalling



Just open your eyes,

That's all you've gotta do to make it all simple

Give life another chance

And please don't give in

Coz you've gotta make it to the otherside of the fence, Yeah!

The wait is the same, year after year

The dismal wait, parking bench,

The broken cupid fountain

The fallen leaves withered away

Like your thoughts going astray

Its not that summer back in the day Yeah!


Not that summer, back in the day

The childish pranks and the merry games

Now they've found a way, climbed up to a fame

Lost what once meant the world to them yeah!

And yet you'll wait the day to see

That you live to search for a sail

A sail of hope, to take you away

Hey! Yeah! To the other fence

Songwriters:  Khushbu Rai/Girish Pradhan/Suraz Sun

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