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Hear the shadows, flowing underneath the lights

Let it slip away and free your soul

Hear the ringing bells, ringing through the air

Close your eyes and watch your story unfold


As we journey, through this endless time

And how it shows us all the things that really mater


Between the lies, between the truths

Searching on and on for hope and love that’s true

Trying to cleanse ourselves, of all the sins

You can say someone has lost, but someone wins


Like the tear drops, lost in the rain

You need to walk the mile for you to know the pain


Tell me what’s going on?

Something is wrong with the world today

I need to keep; I need to keep holding on

Tearing this silence, of this lucid dream


A hundred faces, A broken heart

You know how we walked away from the once we loved

Looking for answers and stranger things

The breaking dawn of hope is what remains



As the rain is getting colder

And the pain is getting colder

As I’m walking the line, through the hands of time

It’s true, lived a dream so blue


As the journey goes on

The empty road lies ahead of you

No, I can’t fool myself

I need to do the things that I have to


Now the rain is getting colder

And the pain is older

I’m walking the line

I’m walking the line


Lyrics – Yogesh Pradhan

Composition - Suraz Karki/Yogesh Pradhan

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