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I got this fever, but it feels so fine

I got no job or money, not even a dime

But there's one thing I'm sure of

I'm never ever gonna lose this chance

I would've stayed with you girl

But I'm not gonna miss out on the lights


Live, till the day we die

Free, yeah I was born to ride


Well I'm a wildfire

I'm on this never ending road forever

And the city lights

No it don't really matter much to me

Wild, young and free

That's how it's always been

Deep down in our souls

We're all about... All about Rock 'n Roll 

Hold on! Hold on tight

You're gonna rock with me tonight

Pull out your boots and feel the leather

We're gonna rock, rock the night

We're gonna rock, rock, rock the highway

Spin your wheels, girls put on your heels

Rock, rock ,rock the highway,

Rock the highway

Songwriters: Girish Pradhan/Suraz Sun/Yogesh Pradhan

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