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The Experience with Chris Adler - Backstage stories

It started a couple of months ago, when the Indian based international artist/event managment company, Gravity Talent, called up the frontman Girish Pradhan and asked if he’s cool to join The Chris Adler Experience band wagon, for a three city tour. The answer was definitely a yes and as the weeks unfolded, soon, lead guitarist Suraz and bassist Yogesh Pradhan were asked to join in!

Part of the group were the Indian shredding hero, Tony Das (Peepal Tree, Thermal and A Quarter, Moksha, Bhoomi) and Growler Sunneith Revankar, who’s also currently working with the Indian Metal Giants, Undying Inc.

It was going to be Chris Adler on the drums, so obviously, the bars were set high and the Indian rockers were set to slay the sets. It was specially surprising for GATC fans and also people who were new to the band, witnessing a so called, “Classic Hard Rock band”, belting out Lamb of God and Megadeth classics.

Just prior to the tour, the musicians were meeting up at Route 66 studios, Bengaluru and practicing to backing tracks on YouTube. Long story short, soon, they saw themselves at a rehearsal space with the LOG and Megadeth fame. Chris was very appreciative of everyone's efforts and was really cooperative with what the band had to say. There were two days of rehearsals, before he headed for his clinics and of course, a group picture was a must.

Bangalore: The Threat is Real!

There's nothing to say, because Bangalore, rightfully, is the house where Metal resides, in India. Despite the sad going demise of live music scene in the city, FANDOM by Gilly's was fully packed with a crowd ready to shake the whole place up. No sooner everyone started chanting, "Chris Adler", than, without a notice, the Hi-Hats kicked in, then Boom! Everything was Laid to Rest! By the time the show was coming to an end, the huge moshpit caught ablaze, as the band started performing Megadeth's classic, Holy wars.

A deadly strike: Mumbai

Mumbai was a different treat! It was during the sound check in the afternoon, where Chris's manager, Subhash suggested everyone visit a virtual reality game space. The group will probably never forget the experience of killing so many zombies alongside Mr. and Mrs. Adler! It was a blast as usual, with Anti-Social delivering it! As usual, Aakash on the sound, was on spot.

The Final Act: Hyderabad

Now this was a totally different experience! It was probably the craziest crowd of them all! The evening opened up with a heavy performance by Escher's knot and the madness stayed, from the moment, the Drum God entered the stage, till the point everyone took a kick-ass group photo with the crowd.

Well, the GATC members along with the rest of group will certainly wear this entire experience as a badge of honour!

Stay updated, for next will be the story of GATC headlining the famous hornbill festival later this year!

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