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GATC members to support Chris Adler!

A man who needs no introduction, Chris Adler is touring India and Nepal in November.

Now here's some awesome NEWS! Girish Pradhan and Suraz Sun of GATC will be joining the Metal Giant, Chris Adler on stage, during his performances in India. The Grammy winning, Lamb of God and Megadeth fame will conduct workshops in both India and Nepal. There will be three live performances in India apart from the workshops. The lineup will also include some of India‘s most amazing metal legends, namely, Tony Das (Thermal and a Quarter/Peepal Tree/Moksha), Sunnieth Revankar (Undying inc.) and Abbas Razvi (Godless).

An initiative by the management service, Gravity Talent, the NEWS was announced this evening. This is what they posted on their Facebook page :

"Proud to announce the legend himself, the man who needs no introduction, Grammy Award winning drummer - Chris Adler will return to India & Nepal this November to carry out a series of Live shows and Clinics that will be a drum masterclass + Music Business Insights.

The Live shows will have Chris Adler, supported by the top crop of talent from the country in Girish Pradhan, Sunneith Revankar, Abbas Razvi, Tony Das and Suraz Sun"

Tour Dates:


Clinic Tickets, Meet & Greet Out Soon.

Artwork by The Nautilus Shell / Sohail Nawaz Khan

All the members in the line-up have expressed their gratitude and excitement on social media pages.

Something very out of the blue, there's no doubt this would be a great experience and a memorable event for both musicians and audience alike. We're all getting ready and are looking forward to banging our heads, to some amazing Lamb of God and Megadeth tunes! And not to forget, you wouldn't wanna miss out on workshops conducted by a living legend!

Long live Rock and Roll - Long Live Heavy Metal

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