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Rock The Highway - The New Album!

GATC's upcoming album is scheduled for next year, somewhere around April. Fans have been anticipating as to what they can expect. So we decided to compile a few questions and see what the band has to say about it!

Latest updates on the album?

We have finished recording quite a few songs. The album will be released in April 2020. The promotions will probably start by the end of this year. We will be releasing two videos before the album release.

What does the album talk about?

One Night Stands, Love, Heartbreaks, Dreamers, Human Rights, Revolution, Rebellion, Refugee crises around the world, Civil Wars, the Human Condition, Bike Riders and of course, last, but not at all the least, Rock 'n Roll! Its all there. There's no particular theme. One could say, that it simply talks about what an average person witnesses in his/her day to day life, both in the real world and through media.

What kind of music can we expect?

From power packed '80s Glam Metal, Hard Rock, Power Ballads, Bluesy Hard Rock, Melodic Rock to Progressive elements, the album is in a way, an evolution of the previous one, Back on Earth. It also hints on what people can expect in the future albums, musically. We will also be including two of our previously released singles.

Anything new on Guitar/Vocal/Bass/Drum styles and techniques?

Suraz Sun has incorporated a lot of his Floyd Rose techniques to the solos this time. We were always aware of that side of his before the band was even formed. We thought it would be a great idea to introduce that element to GATC, this time. We've also been working a great deal on the guitar tones with multiple experiments still going on. Vocal-wise, I have experimented a lot more, while keeping my signature style intact. I have experimented on different tones and melodies. The bass lines also have turned out to be terrific with lots of "Funky surprises", by Yogesh. The drum takes are still going on and so far they sound powerful.

What inspired you to make a new album?

It was a long overdue anyway. We wanted to start 2019, with something that GATC fans were close to. That, became Rock The Highway. The response was overwhelming and soon, we were also approached by labels too. We immediately hit the Jam Rooms and the studio, coming up with ideas for the new album. So far we have finished 10 songs, structure-wise and we're already talking about recording two to three songs more! We'll keep updating about that.

Are we expecting new videos on YouTube anytime soon?

We have already finished shooting two new original videos so far. However, we won't be releasing them this year. Perhaps, Feb/March Next year. Anyway, we will be releasing a lot of live recordings and other content on our YouTube Channel.

Any new Tour Dates and where?

Yes we have shows lined up for September till December. We will be announcing them soon. North - East is definitely in the list, along with Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad, which are confirmed so far.

Message to the fans?

We are really grateful for the love and support, our fans have given us, all this while. We are looking forward to give them the best of GATC, in the upcoming album.

Well, it certainly looks promising and we are looking forward to Rock the Highway, with your album!

Signing off,

Team GATC.

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