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On signing with Lion's Pride, a Denmark based Record Label

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

31st of December, 2018. That's where it all started. We released our new song with video "Rock The Highway" on YouTube. Soon after, we made it available on all online stores and platforms such as Spotify, YouTube music, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster, Pandora etc. Sleaze Roxx Magazine was kind to feature it on their website, spreading the song further. As usual, Classic Rock Magazine heard our request and also helped us out by including our song in their " Songs of The Week", section.

One fine day, to our surprise, we received a message in our FB messenger, sent a gentleman, asking us if we were interested in signing up with a label. They were called Lion's Pride. A Denmark based Record Label, that supported Hard Rock music! We were glad to hear that they really enjoyed our songs, both new and the old. Long chats, exchange of ideas etc etc... Many weeks went by and there it was. The biggest hurdle both the parties faced, was the fact that the time frame given for the release was September 2020 and we were very sceptic about it. To us it felt like no matter what, we were not in a position to delay the album for that long. For a moment, it felt like we might have to chuck the idea out. We requested them if something could be done about it.

Well, like they say, "All's well that ends well". Long story short, It took a while to wind up everything and finally after a few months, the label guys actually gave us a slot in April 2020. Now that was something we could at least consider. That was also actually the original time frame given to us, but we were stuck in dealing with some technical problems going on with the band, which is why they had to shift our slot. After all, they had other bands to sign too.

Now that was not all that Rock the Highway gave us. One of those days, we saw an email sent by a film maker based out of Czech Republic and originally from Los Angeles. His name was Cary Hubbs. (We will be covering that story in another article).

In short, just a few weeks after that email, we actually met up in Bengaluru and shot a video for one of our songs from the upcoming album.

A snap from our upcoming video which will be a part of the new album

There was a lot of hard work involved during the shoot, from both the band and Cary. This was it! This totally inspired us to believe that what we were doing was right on track. "A little bit of patience goes all the way" - That's what we all said to ourselves. Finally, after our shoot was over, we decided on going forward with signing with the Record Label. The idea was simple. Let there be lights, let there be drums, let there be guitars and Let there be Rock! If we were putting so much of energy into something, then we might as well wait for our work to reach places!

The album has been in production since last year. We have been writing for days and sometimes, totally taking breaks from it. Sometimes the whole day goes by trying to find the right tones or just getting past a phrase while writing the lyrics. No matter, it's finally taking a good shape. We really wished to release it this year, however... You know the story now!

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