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Loaded Live at Doordarshan now available on GATC's YouTube Channel

GATC YouTube Channel just uploaded a live version of their song "Loaded", recorded at Doordarshan film studios.

It wasn't so long ago, the band received a call from DD1 talking about launching a rock show. Soon, it was named "Rock the Night" and GATC was to be a part of it. The show had a live performance recording + Fun questions and answers kind-of-a format. The band even composed the theme song for the show. The whole thing is available on Doordarshan's YouTube channel too.

However, sadly, they uploaded the whole thing in a mono-audio format, despite the recording actually being stereo. They probably made it that way for the television and uploaded the same thing on YouTube. The good news... The band received all the live recorded tracks from DD1, on requesting and were successful in reviving the whole thing. This is the second DD1 live upload by the band on their channel, with the first one being Endless Road.

Check it out!

Long story short, the videos will be uploaded every week, the band has confirmed.

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- Team GATC


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