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GATC - Upcoming events and updates!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

As the festive season grows, The GATC Wolfpack are certainly looking forward to a fun schedule, with a lot of mix and mashups!

First thing's first! GATC completed 10 years as a band, on the 18th of October, this year! Here's looking forward to another ten years!

Now here's a list of the upcoming events for the band. See if you can catch them in your city!

After completing their tour in Chennai and Goa, the band is looking forward to greeting Mumbai with a heavy dose of Rock ‘n Roll! The event is taking place at Stables, with the most prominent face of Rock music in Goa, Electric Pulse, sharing stage with the band. They are also organising the event, along with the venue. A big shout out to them for making it happen! Well, long story short, GATC and Electric Pulse are looking forward to a crazy head banging event on the 25th of October at Stables, Mumbai!


Ofcourse, a second home to the band, Bengaluru had to be on the list! Catch GATC live at Hard Rock Cafe on the 26th of October for a rocking evening!

November starts with Bacardi NH7 Weekender, where the GATC frontman will be joining the Giants of the Blues, Soulmate, on stage as a guest vocalist. With many other prominent figures from the North Eastern belt of the country, the likes of Karnivool, Marty Friedman and TesseracT, are headlining the event.

Then ofcourse, Chris Adler! Girish Pradhan, Suraz Sun and Yogesh Pradhan will be joining the Lamb of God/Megadeth fame on stage, during his tour in India. There will be three shows, in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai on the 14th, 20th and 24th respectively. Not to mention, some of our country’s own giants, Sunnieth Revankar and Tony Das will be a part of the group. Metal Heads, it’s time to gear up!

The band is also going to be a part of, “Play for a cause”, a chain of gigs, to be organized by Parikrama inc. at end November. The dates will be announced soon! Well, December... We’re giving you a hint! The word is Nagaland! Any guesses? The band will also officially start the promotions for the upcoming album, ROCK THE HIGHWAY and will be shooting new music videos.

Looking forward to ending the year with a lot of headbanging!

- Team GATC

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