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GATC Six-Stringer undergoing treatments after facing a minor accident

It was shortly after the Play For a Cause event, on the 29th Nov, Suraz Sun, lost balance while getting out of his car, in front of his residence. The GATC six-stringer shares on the hardships he's going through and yet, how he is prepared to Rock Hornbill, Nagaland, on the 9th of December.

"It was a normal evening and I was returning home after a wonderful gig. Well again, GATC gigs are anything, but normal! Jokes apart, as I was getting out of the cab (Which dropped me till my place), I lost balance and before I knew it, my face directly hit the floor, which was also filled with a lot of rubble. Long story short, I've been under treatment and sadly, my face has taken some bad damage. I'm hoping to recover soon... Nonetheless, this is not going to stop me from continuing with our tour and I'm looking forward to Rock Nagaland, on the 9th! I have my band members and my better half by my side! There are talks of a few more gigs in the North-East. We will be updating on them soon".

Join us in wishing GATC's Brightest Star, a speedy recovery!

- Team GATC

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